The Hi-PointeThe Hi-Pointe Theatre

1005 McCausland Ave.

An understated and wonderful St. Louis gem, the Hi-Pointe Theatre was built in 1922. The theater is located at the incredible intersection of Interstate 64, Clayton Road, Clayton Avenue, McCausland Avenue, Forest Avenue, Oakland Avenue and Skinker Boulevard, today also the home of the world’s largest Amoco sign, and just at the southwest corner of Forest Park. Taking its name from the surrounding neighborhood, it is the highest point in the City of St. Louis. Unlike other theaters of its time, the Hi-Pointe was always intended to show movies—not vaudeville or plays—on the big screen in a huge, comfortable auditorium.

During the early days of cinema, the Warner Bros. Circuit of Theatres operated the Hi-Pointe, followed by Fanchon & Marco, St. Louis Amusement and St. Louis’s Arthur Enterprises.

St. Louisans George and Georgia James have owned the theater since the 1970s. Their daughter Diana, and her husband Bill Grayson, have taken over the operation and are continuing the family tradition these days.

The theater has benefited from many renovations over its history. The aquamarine seating, a longtime favorite of St. Louis moviegoers, was added in 1963 and recently refurbished. Today, the theater boasts a huge new screen and explosive Dolby Digital sound while preserving the theater’s historic and neighborhood feel. This includes a cozy lobby, turquoise curtains, updated second-floor restrooms, and men’s urinals noted by the Riverfront Times as “best in St. Louis.”

As the oldest continuously operating single screen movie theater in the St. Louis metropolitan area, the Hi-Pointe is proud to continue its 100-year tradition today. Moviegoers from all over the region love the Hi-Pointe, and it’s frequently voted St. Louis’s favorite theater.

See the newest movies in style at the oldest theater in St. Louis!